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Charm amulet
Longevity lock Peeshu
Bracelet Earrings Ring
Tibetan's knife agate
Colored glaze Necklace
Folk craft
  clay figurine
folk moppet
China ties
National workshop
National clothing
  handmade embroidered shoes
National style bag
head ornaments
female attire
men's clothing
children's clothing
National totem
  charm amulet
prayer wheels
buddha beads
Primitive tribe
wooden art
earth ceramic
Folk entertainment
  folk toys
cucurbit flute
ancient porcelain wind-instrument
two-stringed Chinese fiddle
bamboo flute
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Self-comfortable original ecology
In the high rhythm modern life, may download the pressure with to feign is not BOSS and the GUCCI clothing, instead is seven color cow rib Pakistan handwoven cloth, the running water Adlai silk. In the impetuous crowded metropolis, may give the human with the relaxation is not joyfully the computer game and the perfume, but is the persuasive bottle gourd silk and is engraving six character true words loose rock bracelet.
We are willing to attract deeply love the national style, treasure the primitive nature, the pursue life essence fashion partner are the member.
For you, we travel for pleasure Xinjiang, Mongolia, Ningxia, Tibet, Guizhou, Yunnan, makes an on-the-spot survey the stockaded village Guzhen and the paradise, searches for Luo Zui to be able to represent various national region character and style well east east, the classification meticulously narrated it wears, the use culture, every day unceasingly renovates the collection.
We set up the national workshop, the national clothing, the folk craft, the folk custom entertainment, the primitive tribe, the national totem six channels, provides has the characteristic extremely the accessories, the clothing, lives at home the thing, the traditional musical instrument, the toy, the totem mascot figure and so on over a thousand products.
We have the multi-folk senior entertainer and the first-class fashion designer, many innate workshops and rapid expansion alliance shop. Provides all for you to be individualistic suitably the style thing.
We supervise these are frequently the unique nature, exquisite, the handwork product, each all passes through the strict choice, resourcess are well used, comes from the original place, but does not manufacture in a rough way. You may propose your demand, the design, the measurement, the tone, the material quality, we seek satisfaction for you to have custom-made the service.
We want to do not merely create a most specialized national product Chinese website - original ecology, we want to take to the more friend one kind through it to belong to the original ecology life style, feels comfortablely self-!

The nationality is a world
The original ecology is most loves
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